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Soldater fikar

The Swedish Soldiers Homes Association

Every person visiting the soldier´s home has their own unique history. That´s why our aim is to welcome everybody as if they were coming to a home of their own. The soldier´s home movement was founded 1877, at a time when situation within the society was difficult because of an over consummation of alcohol.

The idea of helping the soldiers grew strongly from these times and was a part of a wider social movement. In 1877 the first association was founded namely ”the Soldier´s Friend in Stockholm”.

Today there are 17 soldier´s homes, some of them are very small while others have large locations and buildings, including conference centres. Almost all of them have a library, music room, table-tennis rooms, poolroom, games and café. Soldiers can also find a room for private devotions and services of religious worship together with the chaplain.

In the soldier´s home leisure time can be spent, watching TV, video, movies or soldiers might participate in a diving or hunting course. It is an opportunity to relax together with friends in a peaceful environment.

Mailing address
Svenska Soldathemsförbundet
Box 4619
11691 Stockholm


About us

A soldier´s home is governed by a council. The members of the board are representatives from local churches, the garrison and the city. All council members are together in The Swedish Homes Association.

The board consists of 10 members from different councils, elected by the Congress. One member of the board is a member of The Swedish Parliament, the military headquarter and one member is elected to represent the soldiers own organisation ”Värnpliktsrådet”. There are two employees – the Secretary General and a Project Manager.

As the Swedish national defence has enlarged a new commission to send troops abroad in international peace operations in different countries, The Swedish Soldiers Homes Association has considered it necessary to participate in the new situation for the single soldier and the family. Since 2008 we offer Familysupport via PREP-courses, psykosocial advicing and activities for the whole family at our soldiers homes.

The goal is to be were the soldiers are, to support home and abroad The Swedish soldier deployed on a peace mission in international service involves an arduos and dangerous daily working environment. Credibility is based on the soldier is able to enjoy confidence, to show respect for every human being. At the same time it is very important to act, support and cooperate for reconciliation and friendship which bring on to peace.


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